Book Title
3 Sentence Summary (Beginning, Middle & End)
Teacher's Initials
1.The lightning key #3
Jon Berkeley
There is a boy named Miles Wednesday and his friend named little go on a big adventure. They go with an old man named ... Old Man; to solve Miles tigers eggs problem. Ended up going homes on a strange contraption.
NRM 9-19
2.The Tigers Egg #2
Jon Berkeley
Miles and Little join Circus Bolsillo. Miles and little travel with the circus while Miles searches for the tigers egg that may just save his father (who he finds out in the in of the story is the monster that tried to kill him in the first story)!!!!! Then at the end of the store he almost really gets sawed in half by the (i cant spoil it) and the tiger comes and saves miles!
NRM 9-27
3. Eggs
Jerry Spinelli
This story is about two very unlikely friends (a 13 year-old girl and a 9 year-old boy) have a wild friendship of ups and downs. The girl and boy at night go out and collect people trash that they could sell at the all-night flea-market. Go to a guy who they call refrigerator John and watch T.V. and do other stuff. At the end of the story they go on "a walk" to Philadelphia and get caught by a cop and token home!!!
NRM 9/27
4. Dial L for Loser
Lisi Harrison
This story is about 5 girls that all want this once in a live time chance... the chance to be in a movie that's already a hit and its not even in theaters yet. The movie breaks them apart into pairs with one girl left out Clair the girl who gets the part becomes famous. Apparently this isn't what she wanted she wants her old live back including her BFF's and her BF (boyfriend) and her life in general.
NRM 11-1
5. A crooked kind of perfect
Linda Urban
This story is about a girl who really wants a piano very badly. Instead she gets a bag wheezing old (half broken) Organ. But a mysteries boy has a part in the piano she finally gets in the end!
NRM 11-1
6. The secret language of girls
Frances O'Roark Dowell
This is about two girls who have been best friends since they were in the hospital after birth!!! When a Girl called Flannery breakes them apart by becoming friends with one of them and making her shun the other girl making her feel left out. But in the end the become best friends forever again even if one is a cheerleader and the other now what some people would call a geek!!! :)
NRM 11-1
7. The Red Pyramid
Rick Riordian

NRM 11-27
8.The Tower Treasure

NRM 11-27
9. Ruby Holler

NRM 11-237
10. Hunting for Hidden Gold

NRM 11-27